Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jake and Khristian Engaged

 What does it mean when several of my closet friends children are getting married?  I'm not getting older, right?  Just the children are growing up.  I am so honored to have been able to photograph Khristian and Jake's engagement pictures.  I remember Khristian as a little lady playing softball and now she is a grown up playing Doctor planning a wedding.  It was such enjoyable afternoon driving to Sedona with Jake and Khristian to photograph their engagement pictures.  We were hoping the rain would have moved out or hold off and it did.  When we got to the desired location the sun was out and giving us beautiful back light.  As the hour went by so did the sun and in moved the clouds.  Rain did catch up to us but right at the point of which we were done.  Yay for Jake and Khristian getting in the creek, made for fun pictures. 
 How about their story:  Jake and Khristian met at a bar, no biggy.  Khristian was home from college and Jake had just moved to AZ from MT after college graduation.  Khristian was celebrating a birthday with some of her girlfriends and Jake was out with his friends at Harolds when they met and  stared chatting.  They hit it off instantly.  What makes this story even better is the night that they met, at Harold's, in Cave creek, they realized that they lived across the street from each other in Tucson which is crazy and is what allowed their relationship to easily continue after that first night of meeting.  They will be married in February 2018!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Oh My Goodness, I Love Robert & Lindsay

 I am so excited for this couple, so excited they found each other and so excited for their future.  I might be basis since Robert is one of my dearest friend's son.  I've had the privilege of knowing Robert since he was born and am so proud of the young man he has become, truly a very kind person.  I've met Lindsay a couple times now and she is a perfect fit for Robert.  They compliment each other perfectly and boy are they beautiful. 
 Love their story:
The first time they talked was when Lindsay sat with Robert at the cafeteria in college.  They had English together in an hour and they were both eating lunch before.  Robert will say he does not know what Lindsay liked about him, but he really liked how easy it was to make her laugh.  About 45 minutes before English Lindsay reminded Robert of an essay that was due and he hadn't started.  Robert basically just said goodbye right then and walked as quickly as he could towards the dorms without causing a scene.  Robert thought he blew it with his fast, awkward exit, but Lindsay tracked  down his number from a friend of a friend and asked Robert out for their first date.  Robert had an amazing time and she's been putting up with him ever since (his words).  They will be getting married in Jan 2018.

Thank you Olson family for having me out to Colorado and allowing me the privilege of photographing Robert and Lindsay's enagement pictures.  Like always it was a wonderful visit.  Love you all!