Monday, January 29, 2018

John and Valerie's Amazing Engagement Session at the Desert Botanical Gardens

 I had not actually met John and Valerie until we did their engagement pictures.  Until then I had only talked to Valerie on the phone.  I knew instantly who they were when they were walking up the path to the entrance at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  It might be that they were the best dressed couple in the crowd.  As I started taking their pictures I just kept saying to myself "how cute are they" and probably out loud as well.  I had a great time taking their engagement pictures and getting to know them better.  For example they met at a music festival in Las Vegas in 2012.  Actually I will share with you their story:

John and I met in Vegas at a music festival in 2012. My friend had a mutual friend with one of John’s friends. At the time I was living in Chicago and John in Tucson. We didn’t keep in touch after we met in Vegas until a few months later when I decided to move to California. I remembered meeting John and knew he worked at Enterprise, so I Facebook messaged him asking if he could get me a discount on a car while I was in LA for interviews. John was going to be in San Diego for a friend’s birthday Friday of the weekend I was in LA. He decided to come to LA that Saturday to go to a concert with me and my cousin. We became friends after that and kept in touch while I was living in Chicago. When I moved to LA, John came to visit frequently to go concerts and we eventually became more than friends and dated long distance for 2 years. In 2014 John got a job in Phoenix and I moved to Phoenix shortly after that. John proposed in August 2016 while we were on a hiking and camping trip with our friends at Zion National Park.
I am so looking forward to photographing this beautiful couples wedding in October!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Stunning Engagement Shoot at DC Ranch

Do you know this year many of my friends children will be getting married. Does that make me older or wiser!  I prefer wiser and lets ad more experienced.  I have been photographing weddings for a very long time, long time, ha!  I will say honestly, I mean with all honestly I still love it, if not more then when I started.  Still growing, experimenting, learning.  This lovely couple is Ashley and Keafer.  Ashley was about 5 when I first met her.  Her parents were my first neighbors when I moved to Arizona in 1992.  We became fast friends, Ashley's parents Don and Martie and I instantly.  I loved living next door to them.  Ashley use to babysit my boys too.  I remember feeling so honored to photograph Ashley's senior pictures, man she is a beauty!  Now I get to photograph her wedding in December.  I really enjoyed getting to know Keafer while photographing their engagement pictures.  They seem to complement each other perfectly. 
 I would like to share with you Ashley and Keafer's love story! They met through Keafers mom a little over 4 years ago. Keafer was living in Florida serving in the Navy, and came home on leave for Thanksgiving. Ashley met up with Keafer the night before he was supposed to go back to Florida. They hit it off from the start, but with the lomg distance thing they just stayed friends. Ashley and Keafer kept in touch via Facebook for 2 years and when he would come home on leave, they would meet up for lunch with his family. After serving his 6 years, Keafer came home to pursue his degree in Exercise Science. Ashley had asked Keafer to train her at the gym, and after 2 months their  friendship turned into dating. They just celebrated their 2 year anniversary in Oct 2017.  Keafer proposed to Ashley on Aug 18, 2017 in Las Vegas, one week before her 30th Birthday! 😎