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My Son

Tear, tear, sob, sob.. That was then and this is now!! If anyone has spent any amount of time with me they will know that I have 3 boys that I truly love and adore!! I will talk about them to anyone who will listen. Which brings us to this blog post about my oldest son Miguel, a senior at Sandra Day O'Connor. Look at Miguel just a few days old and then all of a sudden he is 17 and it is time to take his senior portraits. It went so fast, so, so fast. Graduating from high school is a mixture of emotions. Finishing up a major part of your life and starting the next phase. All of a sudden a young adult with important decisions to make. Exciting yet intimidating. Ahh and your friends.... You've spent day in and day out with each other and now you will scatter.. Miguel has lived in the same community since birth with determination on my part. Wanted him to feel connected. I think it worked.:-) He has a great group of friends, some since the beginning of elementary school and some