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Simple Yet Beautiful

 This is Clint and Lisa's wedding, simple yet so beautiful.  I had so much fun working with this couple!  Clint and Lisa are so down to earth, kind and really just want to have a good time.  That is why they planned their wedding on a Thursday, so all their friends and family could for sure be there.  You see they are Phoenix Police and wanted a day where they could celebrate with their squad mate's and fellow officers, that is how close they are.  A couple other things that made this day extra fun, my bff Nancy was there, her son-in-law was one of the groomsmen.  Actually shout out to you Katie and Nick (Nancy's daughter and husband)  for recommending me to Lisa and Clint, I really appreciate the referrals.  Then there was my second shooter for the day, lovely Heather !  She came from San Diego to help with this wedding.   I loved all the laughing while Lisa was getting her makeup done!  Lisa is almost ready to go, looking beautiful.  This is the first look for