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Andy and Ashley Were Married at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center

 I love this couple!  They should look familiar to you since I just blogged about them in August.  Here is a link to refresh your memory.  We did their engagement pictures in Flagstaff.  Andy and Ashley were finally married at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center .  It was raining most of the the morning but cleared out before the ceremony started.  Ashley was so calm about it all it was refreshing but then again that is her personality, so easy going.  Andy and Ashley have known each other since high school.  They didn't actually start dating until several years after when they reconnected on Social Media.  They compliment each other, both approach life so relaxed.  Ashley looked so beautiful and Andy very handsome and have you ever seen a more beautiful bridal party.  Wishing Andy, Ashley and their two sweet little boys all the happiness in the world!