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Adrian and Candace

Adrian and Candace were married on February 14, Valentines day, the day of LOVE. A perfect day for them to get married, when you are with them you can definitely see how much they are in love. I absolutely loved shooting their engagement pictures and I absolutely loved shooting the wedding day. It turned out to be a perfect sunny day for them even though they predicted rain all week.

Mark, Tiffany and Masen!!

So Tiffany is my husband's cousin and she is getting married to Mark on April 5th, 2009. Mark and Tiffany have a little man named Masen, and is he a cutie. You spend 5 minutes with Masen and you are in love!! We went up to Anthem to take some engagement pictures along with some family pictures. They are such a beautiful family, and wow does Tiffany has some eyes!! We are all very excited that they set a date and are getting married. It will be a fun wedding indeed.