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Joe and Veronica Make It Official

This is Joe and Veronica's wedding, a very young sweet couple that I adore. They were married at the Mountain Preserve on a very beautiful March day. Veronica and her bridesmaids looking beautiful with the help of Amy Freudenberg on the hair and Erica Konz on makeup. While taking pictures of the girls getting ready I really enjoyed watching the interactions between sister's and high school friends. Everyone was asking Veronica if she was nervous, as calm as could be she would smile and say "no". The bouquet's were stunning!! Jeanna Royal of How Appropriate did such a fantastic job. Little Jackson, Joe and Veronica's adorable little man was the ring bearer. Jackson a little shy felt if he just hid behind the ring pillow all would be OK. Veronica with her contagious smile was perfectly beautiful on her wedding day. Joe was beaming with happiness and love. I am telling you this couple is so sweet. Now off to the reception which was rockin with BJ the DJ .

Yes, I Do Shoot Weddings

If you have been following my blog or checking to see if you like my work to maybe shoot your wedding, you might be asking yourself "thought she was a wedding photographer"? It seems that I've been posting a lot of other things such as baby's, senior portrait's, children and more baby's. This first part of 2011 I've been so busy with obviously not just weddings. I am having so much FUN right now. Not only do I shoot weddings and love it, but I will second shoot for other photographer's in town. In this blog I pulled out some of my favorite wedding images from some of the weddings that I've second on lately. The first few images are from shooting with the fabulous Leanna . She has a great talent for posing. Bride getting ready, love it. This next group of images are from when I shot with Tracy . Tracy is a very technical photographer along with artistic. This first image happened when I went to get something for Tracy and saw Rachel just waiting wi

~The Camera Loves Hannah~

Hannah is a beautiful senior at Mountain Ridge! We had a great time taking her senior portraits. First we had to get Hannah with her two little brother's then it was time to just have fun. Hannah is very comfortable in front of the camera and the camera loves her. We went to take a little walk out to this bridge when a very nice young man offered up the golf cart for us to drive. Hannah went for it. Hannah plans on moving to Texas for college studying education. When her mom mentioned she was leaving the state I felt sad. Only because I have a senior this year myself and if he moved out of state for school I would greatly miss him. I felt for Hannah's mom..