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Beautiful Couple at a Beautiful Venue ~ Will and Elizabeth at Gainey Suites Hotel

 Beautiful wedding at Gainey Suites Hotel for Will and Elizabeth!  Everything was pretty perfect for this beautiful couple and their small intimate wedding!  I absolutely loved Elizabeth's veil.  This special couple met in a unusually way: Elizabeth's general contractor found termites in her house and had recommended another pest control company since she was dissatisfied with the company Will works for. Yet, they could not treat Elizabeth's house for awhile she decided to give the company Will works for one more chance since they could treat her home the following day. Will arrived at Elizabeth's house to treat the termite issue.  Her first few words to Will when she answered the door was, you were supposed to call first. They joke about this and now he understands her request is due to her nonstop barking miniature pincher, Chloe.  On the second visit for treating her house, he expressed interest in her.  Will had many questions for Elizabeth and then called h