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Georgia, Hell Yay! (excuse my french)

 This beautiful couple is Shelbie and Lewis and they are getting married October 2013.  When we met they mentioned that they wanted to do a engagement session in Georgia and if I would be interested.  Hell ya, I didn't say that out loud.:-)  I love to travel and my job has taken me to some beautiful places, mostly beach lined.  With all honesty I will have to say this is one of my favorite shoots ever.  With all the different colors, textures and history it was a photographers paradise. In a time when things are so busy and I have to admit this industry (photography) continues to be more challenging I'd forgotten how much I just love to take pictures.  Plane and simple I love photography and have since about the age of ten.  This Georgia trip with Shelbie and Lewis reminded me how much I enjoy this profession.  Shelbie attended college in the town of Milledgeville, Georgia and while there she fell in love.  She was so passionate about telling me everything she knew, which is