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Colorado Maternity With The Price Family

 This is the Price family, Dan, Trisha and Lucas!  I originally met Dan and Trisha when they hired me to photograph their wedding almost 3 years ago.  Since then I've had the pleasure of photographing their first maternity shoot, Lucas as a new born and when Lucas turned one.  Along the way we have become friends, I feel so blessed to know them!  Then one day out of the blue in June they decided to relocate to Colorado.  I was out of town when they left so I did not get the opportunity to say goodbye.  I was very sad over them leaving AZ but very happy for them to be able to go back to CO! Then on a glorious day in July Dan messaged me to see if I would at all consider flying to CO early September to take maternity pictures of Trisha, baby number two on the way.  My inside voice was screaming "YES", but my fb message voice was yes Dan I would love to come photograph your beautiful wife.  We worked out all the details and kept it a secret from Trisha.  My very dear fri