Saturday, July 31, 2010

~George and Catherine~

I met Catherine just about a month before her wedding and truly liked her instantly. When we met she came alone and was so calm about her wedding and what she was looking for. I was pleased she booked me and looked forward to working with her and meeting George. When I got to Catherine's house she was again very calm and taking her time getting ready. That is when I met George for the first time, he to was very calm taking his time getting ready. The wedding was very simple, two people in love getting married.
Once the I do's were said the rest of the afternoon looked like the next few images. Giddy, smile's, more smiles of joy. I loved watching them and would get caught up in the moment. Had to remind myself to take pictures:-)Catherine looked so beautiful, very classy and George so handsome, movie star couple status I would say. Again, more smiles, giggles and glances. It was so special to watch, I mean to take pictures of.;-)
To look over the pictures one would not notice that George was not feeling all to well. Catherine had emailed me since and informed me the evening of the wedding George spent the night with a fever and she ended up taking him to the emergency room the next morning. George had a burst appendix and had to have surgery. Unfortunately he spent the next 6 days in the hospital recovering. I am looking forward to sharing their wedding pictures with them for you can not tell at all that George is not feeling well. All the excitement from the realization of marrying Catherine got him through the day. So happy to hear that George is doing much better...