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~George and Catherine~

I met Catherine just about a month before her wedding and truly liked her instantly. When we met she came alone and was so calm about her wedding and what she was looking for. I was pleased she booked me and looked forward to working with her and meeting George. When I got to Catherine's house she was again very calm and taking her time getting ready. That is when I met George for the first time, he to was very calm taking his time getting ready. The wedding was very simple, two people in love getting married. Once the I do's were said the rest of the afternoon looked like the next few images. Giddy, smile's, more smiles of joy. I loved watching them and would get caught up in the moment. Had to remind myself to take pictures:-) Catherine looked so beautiful, very classy and George so handsome, movie star couple status I would say. Again, more smiles, giggles and glances. It was so special to watch, I mean to take pictures of.;-) To look over the pictures one would not noti