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Scottsdale Civic Center Engagement Shoot With Scott and Tiffany

Scott and Tiffany met at work. They have worked together for about 3 years before they realized they were soul mates :).  Their story is a perfect example of timing being everything because throughout those three years Tiffany was in a relationship, Scott was randomly dating from time to time and would even occasionally talk to Tiffany about his dates.  Tiffany always thought Scott was very handsome but from her standpoint he was stubborn and had some growing up to do :). Eventually they were forced to work close together and got to know each other on a more personal level and after some flirting Scott finally asked Tiffany out on a date. The rest from there is history. Scott stole Tiffany heart by doing the traditional "little" things that guys don’t do very often anymore. Scott opens doors for Tiffany and often will push her out of the way to make sure he gets to open it. He is her opposite personality wise, but they value the same important things in life.  Tiffany i

Blog Catch Up With Nicole and Ryan!

 I have the pleasure of being Nicole and Ryan's wedding photographer for their upcoming wedding in November.  In the mean time we took some lovely engagement pictures this past May.  This May was one of the busiest months for me, not just with weddings, but my middle son graduated from high school.  I really wanted to share Nicole and Ryan's pictures, so I'm bringing a little bit of May into July.:-)

Wedding Season Came to a Close With Chris and Amy

 Finally I am blogging Chris and Amy!  My wedding season came to an end with Chris and Amy and what a beautiful end it was. Everything was perfect for this couple and I couldn't be happier for them.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and love their love story!  Here it is: Chris and I met the first week he was in Phoenix at a gym Jan 2009.  He worked as a project manager for a construction company.  He was only here for a few months.  Chris was living in Tampa Florida at the time. When he left AZ we still continued to talk which turned into seeing each other every 3 months or so.  In July he changed careers and our  relationship became stronger and finally made it official. He then  moved to New Jersey sure enough I did too in December. In November 2012  Chris got promoted with his company and we moved to Raleigh North Carolina. Chris played baseball and the team he played for participated in a men's tournament in south  Florida, while there he proposed. He had b