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Eric and Rose

I've waited over a year for this wedding knowing it was going to be a very special event. I met with Rose and her parents and immediately felt comfortable and was hoping that I would be the wedding photographer for this family. Yeah I was!! Walking into the room where Rose was getting ready, the first thing I saw was her amazing wedding dress and it set the tone for the entire day. Rose is one of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet. I am not exaggerating. Very kind and polite. All that and natural beauty to go with it. Christy is responsible for the beautiful makeup on this special day. I like this picture of Rose and her mom having a moment of down time together amongst the activity going on around them. Rose has a very wonderful family. Eric and Rose had a minute alone together before the ceremony. While watching them you can sense the feeling of FINALLY our day is here. The groomsmen all wore pink socks in honor of Rose.... Real men wear pink is what I say. Let the pa