Monday, April 26, 2010

I Adore Jason and Shea

Usually I post engagement pictures several months before the wedding. For Shea and Jason we were just happy to get the pictures done in time for the wedding. We had to reschedule several time's due to rain. I thought it would be fun to post some engagement pictures before the wedding pictures, kind of a before and after.
Wouldn't you agree that they are a beautiful couple. I just adore them. I met with Shea back in October, when Shea was interviewing me for the position of the wedding photographer I could tell that she was not only looking for a photographer that could take a good image but it was important to her that she was comfortable with them as well. Shea and Jason's wedding was at the magnificent Wrigley Mansion. Everything was perfect with the help of Simply Elegant Event and Floral Design. Shea and Jason had a butterfly theme for their wedding. Right after Jason and Shea kissed during the ceremony the guest released live butterfly's. There were little tin boxes on the tables that read "LOVE is like a butterfly, it goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes". Beautiful. I want to say thanks to Tracy for shooting with me again. It always makes for a better day. Shea has impeccable taste, not only is her wedding dress fab, look at her shoes! Love them. Jason and Shea were both so calm and relaxed all day. I love this image of John (Shea's dad) walking her down to meet Jason for the ceremony.

These next two images are so sweet of Shea hugging her dad and then Jason. Shea and her dad have a very special relationship. I quote John in saying "she is my best friend" Jason and Shea are just so happy to be married.
Jason and Shea are not only a beautiful couple, they are intelligent and kind hearted and can they dance. They showed off some moves at the reception. You know blogging has become such important tool for my business and I wish I was better at expressing my feelings with words. At times like this when I would like to mention how Jason and Shea are one of those couples that I feel lucky to have met, but have a hard time expressing it through blogging. They are just very special and you know it when you are around them. Maybe I should take a writing class? I once again just feel blessed by the people I encounter such as Mr and Mrs Creed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

London Comes to Scottsdale

Lee and Sarah reside in London but decided to get married here in Scottsdale. Actually Sarah is from Scottsdale, met Lee while spending some time in London, they fell in love and then lead to getting married. It was impressive how many people traveled across the pond for this special day. There were moments that I felt like I was in the foreign country. It truly was a good time. Lee and Sarah were married at Christ Church of Ascension and held the reception at the Millennium in Scottsdale. Decorated perfectly with the help of Simply Elegant Event and Floral Design. This wedding had everything, married in a beautiful church, reception location on a lake, Porsche get away car and to top it off there were fireworks. Lee and Sarah were fun to work with, they didn't mind taking off their shoes and getting a little sand on their feet. This is one super sweet couple! Knowing that they only had a few days here it the states 6 months before the wedding to meet and settle on vendors made me feel honored to be their wedding photographer. Thanks Lee and Sarah!!