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~Frankly Speaking~ LOL

Meet Mr Tiler Frank a senior at Mountain Ridge High School. You might already know him, for he is very well known. After spending some time with Tiler I can see why. It is like hanging out with a little adult. I know he is about to graduate high school, but he is very mature, polite, intelligent, charismatic, oh and I better mention handsome and a true christian. Tiler has big plans for his future wanting to be a pharmacist. I am 100% confident he will meet his goals. This shot of Tiler holding out his bible is one of my all time favorites! Tiler is also a runner, takes after his Mother. Do not ask why all the empty black chairs appealed to me. Tiler went along with my ideas. Did I not mention he was also voted Homecoming King this year, his date was voted Homecoming Queen. What a way to end your senior year. Where did this lil beauty come from? Tiler's younger sister Sophia. The Franks went ahead and had some family pictures done. I love thi