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Is it 5 or 15 Minutes of Fame?

I want to say I am experiencing my 15 minutes of fame, since I had my 5 when I was 12. Stephanie help me out, what was the name of the talk show your mom took us to the tapping of in which I got to ask a question? This took place in 1979, we were in sixth grade. Teen Beat I think? I was selected to ask a question, in which now I can't remember if it was to Lief Garrett and I am thinking the host was Kristy McNichol, aggg... Anyway when the episode aired on TV I was to embarrassed to watch myself. Da I wish I would have!! On to my recent fame, I was asked to shoot the cover of the Arizona Bridal Source Guide this past spring for Kim Horn and it is out and about. This fame will last longer then 5 minutes since it will be available for the next 6 months. I am so very excited and am happy with how it turned out. It was a great and nerve racking experience! You can pick up a copy at several bridal shops around town and it will also be given out this weekend at the big bridal show at t