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Ahh Stella

When you get an email from the sister of a past pride asking if you could take pictures of her 6 month old baby girl, you say sure! When she ask you if you can meet at her sister-in-laws house to take the picture because she has a "fun house" you reply yes. Then you show up and see this beautiful baby girl and this incredibly decorated shabby chic house, you burst with excitement inside.. That is just what happened. Elaine emailed me to see if I could take pictures of Stella and asked if we could meet at her sister-in-laws house. Well, you can see for yourself that Stella is beautiful and the house was a photographer's dream. Elaine had all her own idea's for Miss Stella. We had so much fun and Stella was a trooper to say the least. I loved how Stella would smile at her mommy over and over again. She is truly a happy baby. This shoot inspired me to convert some of my office into a studio. I called my friend Nancy after the shoot and was blabbing away on how much fun