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Mikel and Jeniece Such a Lovely Couple

 Mikel and Jeniece are so sweet together, the word lovely comes to mind when I think of them.  They are a dedicated couple to the church and to each other, ingredients for a strong marriage. This lovely couple go way back to elementary school.  They ran into each other years later and Jeniece caught Mikel's eye.  Well she is a beauty!!  Mikel and Jeniece were married at Saint Mary's Basilica down town Phoenix, a very beautiful church.  Things were a little off schedule, but in the end the day was a success!  Let's talk about this beautiful veil that Jeniece wore.  It was her mothers from 1972.  What a special touch to wear it on her wedding day.  It was perfect.  I wanted to mention my second shooter Misti.  She did such a fabulous job I just had to share a few of her shots.  Misti took pictures of Mikel and his team getting ready, here are some pictures that Misti took.  Stop by and check out her website sometime!  Hope you