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Tempe Center for the Arts Kind of Wedding

 I was already looking forward to shooting Tim and Brandee's wedding, but this picture of the wedding dress say's it all as to what kind of day it was, perfect!!  How could it not be perfect with a dress like this, not to mention the shoe's, flowers, all the Little details Brandee made sure to add and for it all to take place at the Tempe Center for the Arts!!  Rain, what rain?  Yes, there was a lot of wind and a classic AZ dust storm, but none of this stopped the day from being perfect, just added to the creativity..   Tim and Brandee saw each other before the ceremony so they would have more time with their guest at the cocktail hour.  Brandee asked if we could some how get a picture of them looking at each other at the same time.  I love how this came about.  We had Tim at one side of the curve and Brandee at the other, ready, set, GO!  Brandee was so excited, I think she jogged a bit. Tim and Brandee are such a beautiful couple.  Tim so very handsome