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Dru and Kayle's Wonderful Wedding

  I was so excited about shooting Dru and Kayle's wedding!  Kayle is my son's fiance's sister!!  This family will be part of my family one day and I can not be more excited about it.  Needless to say I wanted to do a super job for Dru and Kayle, to the point of where I got really nervous, and couldn't sleep.  Well it is not unusual for me to get myself so nervous I feel sick even after 20 something years of shooting.  If you ask me everything turned out perfect!!  My beautiful friend Heather was the second shooter for this event and did a wonderful job.  Here are a few pictures that Heather took while taking on the men. Dru and Kayle are true high school sweethearts, they met their senior year at Sandra Day O Connor High.  Kayle was the new girl at the school while Dru was established, well known and loved.  Dru and Kayle met in Marching Band, Dru a drum major, Kayle playing the baritone.  They both attended NAU