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Natalie and Charles Different Pointe of View Wedding

 What a wonderful wedding this was! Natalie and Charles were married up on top of Pointe Tapatio Cliffs at a Different Pointe of View which offers great views of Phoenix.  Natalie was just stunning!  I love that she wore her hair down, it was so beautiful.  While Natalie was getting ready Charles had several little surprises for her. Charles had flowers sent to Natalie's room along with a gift, t-shirt that says wifey on it.  He also had some shots sent up to Natalie's room for her and her girls.  What was really sweet was the little note he hid in her wedding shoes for her to find while getting ready.  Everything was pretty perfect for them, mostly beautiful weather.  After the ceremony while taking pictures of Natalie and Charles Natalie was all smiles, just radiant.  When asking Natalie how her and Charles met she said they met randomly while out one night in Scottsdale.  They progressed rather quickly!  When you know, you know, right. If you ask me they make a beautiful