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Colleen and Adrian's Beautiful June Wedding

 I absolutely loved working with Colleen and Adrian.  They live in Colorado so our initial meeting was by phone.  After chatting with Colleen the first time on the phone about her wedding I adored her.  After spending time with Colleen and Adrian in Colorado Springs photographing their engagement pictures I adored them both. Colleen has a contagious smile and energy.  Shes adorable and intelligent.  She loves Jesus! Adrian has a kind smile and calming energy.  He is very handsome and intelligent.  He loves Jesus! They are both driven and work hard.  They bring to the table what the other needs and they make a beautiful team. When around them you want to be a part of their team! Their wedding day was of course perfect, a little hot but perfect. Wedding was at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church. Reception was at Superstition Manor. Started with early morning champagne and ended with late evening sparklers. I walked away from this wedding a better person because when you spend