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Andy and Michelle Fun Engagement at the Boojum Tree

 Andy and Michelle wanted to do their engagement pictures at the Boojum Tree , what a beautiful place for any kind of photography.  Andy and Michelle brought along Lola to participate in some of the engagement pictures.  Lola did her park perfectly!!  This couple is super sweet and I'm so looking forward to their wedding in the fall.  Michelle had mentioned this tunnel right outside the Boojum Tree to see if we can take some pictures there as well.  What a great idea!! Thanks Michelle for suggesting it, love how they turned out.

Baby Number Two on the Way

 Beautiful Kate is about to have another baby and I couldn't be happier for this lovely family.  Several years ago I had the privilege of photographing Kate and Matt's wedding.  Since the wedding I've been fortunate enough to be able to continue photographing for Kate, such as Connor's newborn and one year plus family.   We went to Tempe Town Lake and Connor just loved it.  There was so much for him to see, such as train, bike, airplane etc...  He is such a cutie.  Thank you Kate and Matt for allowing me to photograph such important events in your life.  Your family is what makes my job so special and heart warming!
 Are you thinking to yourself this is new, I've never seen studio work on this blog before.  This is my first time shooting real studio.  I will do shoots in my office but using window light and I've done a couple events where they want portraits with studio lights and a backdrop but with help of other photographers. Rose a photographer friend invited me to take pictures in her studio of Natalie, this beautiful model who wanted some 1940's pin up style pictures.  I had the best time and learned so much! It was relaxing with a controlled environment and camera settings.  Once I custom white balanced my camera and set the settings it was go time.  Natalie was a natural in front of the camera.  Thank you Rose for this great opportunity to explore new sides of photography.