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Sanctuary Engagement Shoot With TJ and Michelle

TJ and Michelle will be getting married in May of next year at the Sanctuary. When talking to them about their engagement pictures they said they would like to take them at the place where they will be getting married. What a great idea, the Sanctuary offers so many different ideas for photography. I can only wait for their wedding. Honestly saved some great locations for the actually wedding day. I really enjoy this couple, very straight forward, they know what they want. TJ looks at Michelle with such love in his eyes, anything for her. Can I just say that I am so jealous of Michelle's hair, beautiful! OK I have to share this with you, the Sanctuary is a very NICE resort and spa. It was rather empty in the restaurant when we started, by the time we finished the restaurant was pretty full. Well we had just finished up and were walking through the restaurant to collect our stuff to leave when I trip on the stairs and of course could NOT let my camera hit the ground. Just a little