Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~Ryan and Jessica~

Finally I am posting this wedding which took place on Friday November 27, in Sedona. Ryan and Jessica were referred to me by Heather and Albert (shot their wedding in May). I had only met them briefly at Heather and Albert's wedding, Jessica and Ryan live in Chicago. Even though I have not spent any time with this couple as soon as I showed up to shoot the wedding I felt like they were old friends. I was with the girls while they were getting ready and we were to meet up with the guys at a specific location for the bride and grooms first sighting (we did all the pictures before the ceremony). I had so much fun with Jessica and her gals (sisters!). While heading to the location for the first sighting we went the wrong way, no worries we just kept chatting like BFF's do. It was great girl time. Once we found the location we set Ryan up to wait for Jessica. They were so happy to see each other! So in love. You could see the emotion in their face's. The day was filled with lots of smiles and laughs. I had the best time with this couple! I was also very lucky to have Heather with me as a second shooter, she did a fantastic job and caught some great moments as well.

This is the first time Ryan and Jessica saw each other on their wedding day.

I love this image Heather too of Jessica by herself...
This last image Heather also took. Fantastic.