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Nathan and Jessica's Beautiful Wedding at Rustlers Rooste

 What a beautiful wedding at Rustlers Rooste !!  This wedding was a little personal for me.  I do not know Jessica (the bride) all that well but I've seen and heard about her for many years now and she even helped me out once at an event.  One of Jessica's maid of honors is the daughter of a dear friend of mine.  With that being said when I heard Jessica had gotten engaged I was truly hoping I would get to photograph her wedding and guess what I had the honor!!  It was a perfect day and I mean perfect!  There needs to be a shout out to Rustlers Rooste because they did a fantastic job!!  I felt so honored to be there photographing Jessica and Nathans wedding.  I teared up several times. Both families are so kind and welcoming which made the event even more special!  Here is how Jessica and Nathan met in their own words. It took awhile for Nathan and I to actually meet each other. Nathan had noticed me at a volleyball game and tried messaging me through Facebook. I was ve