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Joe and Alice's Fabulous Wedding at Windmill Winery

 What a sweet couple Joe and Alice are!  I loved being able to photograph their special wedding day.  It was a fun filled event with lots of great detail.  One thing I have to say is how contagious Alice's smile is and she was smiling a lot.  Once again Windmill Winery does a fantastic job and offers many photo ops. I would love to share with you how Joe and Alice met in Alice's words: Joe and I met at work (westview high school). My placement at this school was definitely an act from God, because I had been praying for a part time position (to finish grad school) and the job at westview randomly fell into my life. We were co-workers for a year before Joe finally asked me on a date. I knew Joe was special the first time I met him and once I really got to know him my thoughts were confirmed! Joe proposed to me on June 30, 2013...less than one year after our first date. He is the most thoughtful man and my number one supporter.  I love their story and their love beamed