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MICHAEL and SAMANTHA My first wedding of the season!! They got married on September 27 at Sundance. What a beautiful wedding and couple. Michael and Samantha were reffered to me by a past bride and now friend Christa. Since booking the wedding, Sam's mom Terri has started to attend my Wensday group, in which if Sam is not working she will tag along with her. I am slowly getting know Sam and her family more then just a client. Michael and Samantha were not only looking beautiful they were a lot of fun, along with the bridal party. The picture of the bridal party jumping was their idea!! Great shot, don't you think? Over and over again I am so blessed with such wonderful people that enter my life through my business. I look forward to the friendship that is forming with Samantha and her family..... New lens and I love it!!! 50mm f1.4