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Cade Turned One and We Watched it Happen

How lucky to be able to watch this beautiful boy grow from a newborn to a walking one year old.  Here is Cade when he was just a newborn.                                                        Cade is three months old in this picture.              One of my favorite session, Cade at six months old.  He was all giggles and smiles.       Then we did some pictures in my office when Cade was nine months old.  Again very happy.  Cade at one.  We met at Anthem park for his one year old session.  Cade was not to thrilled with the ducks.                  At all!  He wanted his grandma to pick him up and rescue him from the ducks.  Cade has a lot of food allergies so Mommy had to make a special cake for him. Cade is not sure of what to do with his little cake.  He mostly just played with it. This last picture is one of my favorites of Cade.  Mark and Candace thank you for allowing me to capture Cade growing up. The title of this blog post has the word We in it because I've post