Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Field Trip!

This a long post with a lot of pictures to look at, you might want to grab a snack. When my girlfriend Tracy Kreck asks me if I would like to go with her on a Trash the Dress in Sedona with two couples, who am I to say "no". I want to say we had so much fun, but I feel that is the only word I ever use. So I looked up fun in the Thesaurus, here are some other word's to describe our day. Joy, good cheer, glee, lark (I guess lark means fun?), enjoyment, laughter, recreation and so on. It all fits. We must mention that Rita of Rita's Floral Design made all the bouquets for Tracy. This first one is my favorite. I love the colors.
Action shot of Tracy working hard like she always does.
The couples are Katelynn and Ryan, Sara and Chris. This is what I call the beautiful people. The girls were such troopers. We shot in various locations around Sedona. Thank goodness the weather was perfect. We call it Trash the Dress, but really the dress's just get a little dirty.
Again it was a blast and got me thinking of an idea that I am working on with Tracy. Stay tuned for an invitation for your own Trash the Dress. Thank you to both couples for hanging loose and going with the flow. Thanks to Tracy for having me tag-a-long. Most importantly for treating me to Sushi at the end of the day!! We all went to dinner together afterwards, what a perfect ending to a perfect day.