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Jason and Amanda's Beautiful Wedding at Shenandoah Mill in Gilbert

 I loved working with Jason and Amanda for their engagement pictures and their wedding!  While doing their engagement pictures they brought their dog to be in some of the pictures.  They were rather quiet.  That was the first time I had met them.  For the wedding it was go time!  They were all about having a good time.  Amanda was smiling and dancing and having fun.  I loved watching the day unfold and the excitement that came with it.  It was definitely one of those weddings were you felt the "it's finally here" vibe.  It was a little warm but not to bad considering how hot it could have been here in AZ.  Jason and Amanda met while both working at the same summer camp in 2009. Towards the end of the summer since hanging out and becoming friends they found out they both went to ASU and were both starting their senior year.  Their friendship continued during that last year at ASU, eventually becoming a couple.  Now 7 years later they were finally married at Shenandoah Mi