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Central Coast Beauty! P.S. This is my 200 post on my blog!!

The first week in August I took my boys home to visit my family and friends.  Home could be Atascadero or Templeton, I spent a lot of time in both towns.  Generally I refer to home as the Central Coast.  Located exactly half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  This is where my photography career started.  My first wedding, family pictures, I even shot my little sister's senior portraits in 1987.  When I heard my friend Claire was looking for someone to shot her daughters senior pictures I gave her a shout out.   Claire's family and mine go way back.  I mentioned to her that I would be in town and would love to take pictures of Kate. This is Kate, a senior at Atascadero High.  She is one beautiful teenager, very sweet!  I have to mention this fence.  I asked Kate to lean on it and was demonstrating to her how it should look.  Well it was an electric fence!!!  Yes, I got electrocuted, funny, I think so.  I was just happy that I touched the fence bef