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Shawn and Ingrid Married in Sedona

October 10, Shawn and Ingrid were finally married. They were married at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona. It was a very beautiful setting for a wedding. I so enjoyed being there, this couple is so special and so are their two beautiful children Elayna and Killian. Elayna was so happy for the wedding to finally be here. Rev. C. Kate Freeman did a wonderful job in performing the ceremony, she was happy to be there. My friend Nancy took the drive up to Sedona with me, we were able to stay in the guest house for the night. Killian watching everyone get ready. Elayna and Killian are ready for the wedding! They are such beautiful children.. Shawn and Ingrid wanted to see each other before the ceremony. Ingrid was in place and waiting for Shawn to meet her, Elayna just spotted her daddy. I'm not sure which face expression I like more Elayna's or Ingrids? On their way to go get MARRIED! Red Rock Crossing