Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Fabulous Trip

How lucky we were to be able to go on such a wonderful vacation this past June. My in-laws took us on a international cruise starting in Venice Italy. There are so many favorite moments from the trip, my all time favorite was just watching my boys have such a fantastic time everyday. My two older boys I think had more fun then any of us on the cruise, staying up late, unlimited ice cream (Williams fav) and soda, rock climbing, Guitar Hero, etc.... The boys made a lot of new friends. Ironically, several of the kids they met were from Arizona. This first set of images are from Venice. We stayed at the Rialto Hotel on the Grand Canal.

The Rialto Bridge in Venice at night. It was so beautiful.

Venice is known for the Venetian mask. There were shops everywhere we went. We had fun trying different mask 0n.

This next image is Doge's Palace Courtyard. The Palace is the residence of the Doge of Venice.

The first stop we made was in Split Croatia.

St. Domnius bell tower is located at Diocletian's Palace. William and I started to walk to the top with Miguel and Morgan, then I changed my mind. Sweet William changed his mind so mommy didn't have to walk back down alone. Miguel and Morgan went to the top. The picture above Miguel took from the top.

This is one of my favorite buildings that I saw on the entire trip. It is so old (about 295 AD), the building just looks wore out...

Next stop Corfu, Greece. We spent the day on the beach where Miguel and Morgan did some parasailing and tubing with some friends they met on the ship.
Now we are in Athens, Greece. I was SURPRISED at how crowded it was. Crazy crowded. We hiked up to the Acropolis and checked out the Parthenon.
The entire family will agree that Mykonos, Greece was one of our favorite stops and days... Such a cute little town with good shopping and food. Actually the best meal we had on the trip was here at a little restaurant on the water...
There were a couple nights on the cruise where it was formal attire. I think the boys enjoyed getting dressed up in their suites. Such handsome lil men...
Miguel rock climbing. Didn't have my camera when Morgan was climbing.

Last stop of the trip is katakolon, Greece. This is where Olympia is located, where the original Olympic games started in 776 BC and continued until they were prohibited in 394AD.
Back to Venice where the cruise ends.:-( So sad to leave. We pulled in to port as the sun was rising. Just breathtaking.
Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. I had so many to choose from it was hard to narrow it down for my blog. Needles to say a fantastic experience that we will all remember for a life time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally Casey and Kinsey

Officially caught up from vacation and now am posting pictures from this incredible couples wedding. Casey and Kinsey (even their names are cool) were married on May 29 at the Tempe Center for the Arts. First time at the Tempe Center for the Arts and let me say it is an amazing place for a wedding... When I first met Kinsey and Casey to do their engagement pictures I fell in love with just how sweet they are to each other and yes they are so beautiful. They had not hired me for their wedding at this point, but shortly after their engagement session I got an email asking me to shoot their wedding pictures as well, I was so thrilled knowing it would be a spectacular day and I wanted to be there.:-)

Now you might ask who is this little beauty? This is Harper, Casey and Kinsey's 4 month old lil miss. She was all smiles.

Just a little gift from Kinsey to her man Casey and the groomsmens for while they are getting ready. What a gal...

This is where the ceremony will be held. So very cool!
There are so many favorites I have from this wedding, this next one is my most favorite..
Casey and Kinsey are a very special couple, so calm and content with their love for each other. All smiles, lil glances for each other. You can see the pride in Casey's face when he looks at Kinsey. You can see that little girl kind of gushing in Kinsey face when she looks at Casey. Then we add Harper in which they both just swoon over. Such a beautiful family.