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 Oh my goodness I love Mackenzie!  She is so beautiful and sweet!  I love Mackenzie and Nathan together as a family and little Carson!  I first met this beautiful couple a few years ago when I did their engagement pictures and pictures of Carson.  Last June I photographed their wedding and it was so sweet!  Here is a link if you would like to view some of my favorite images from their wedding! Now they are expecting!!  What a blessing to watch them grow as a family. 

Melinda and Ryan Get Married at Anthem Golf and County Club

 Almost always when blogging about a wedding here in AZ I state how everything from the weather on was perfect.  Well I will be honest Melinda and Ryan's wedding day did not go as planned, not perfect!  Does not mean it wasn't special, beautiful and amazing.  It rained, boy did it rain!  Rain was in the forecast but was not suppose to happen until the end of the day.  Rain storm rolled in early and the staff at Anthem Golf and Country Club had to improvise, in which they did so quickly and professionally.  Melinda and Ryan handled the early rain storm with such grace.  As far as I could tell Melinda didn't sweat it.  We did talk about trying to get some pictures of her with Ryan before the ceremony, before the rain really hit but it was important for Melinda to wait for Ryan to see her as she walked down the aisle.  So we did and it was worth it.  Thankfully by the time the ceremony was over the rain had let up and we were able to take advantage of the beautiful scenery