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Step Back In Time For This Beautiful Valley Ho Wedding!

 Dan and Bresha had a very fun step back into the 70's themed wedding at Hotel Valley Ho.  It was a great success.  There was a lot of thought and detail into this themed wedding that brought me right back, even the music at the reception.  It was a wedding filled with nostalgia and I loved it.    Here is Dan and Bresha's story in her words.;-) “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination” – our motto Dan and I met in May 2000, when Dan joined the work force where I had been employed for a few years. It was almost 8 years later when we fell in love. During the first 8 years, we were involved in many work-related projects together. However, there wasn’t always a fondness between us. We worked for different divisions within the same organization. There was an abundance of competition and conflict. Dan’s nickname for me was the “Queen of Darkness” (as I found out later), because I was good at my job and on the opposing “team”. Dan likes to recant a story in which