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Our Fabulous Trip

How lucky we were to be able to go on such a wonderful vacation this past June. My in-laws took us on a international cruise starting in Venice Italy. There are so many favorite moments from the trip, my all time favorite was just watching my boys have such a fantastic time everyday. My two older boys I think had more fun then any of us on the cruise, staying up late, unlimited ice cream (Williams fav) and soda, rock climbing, Guitar Hero, etc.... The boys made a lot of new friends. Ironically, several of the kids they met were from Arizona. This first set of images are from Venice. We stayed at the Rialto Hotel on the Grand Canal. The Rialto Bridge in Venice at night. It was so beautiful. Venice is known for the Venetian mask. There were shops everywhere we went. We had fun trying different mask 0n. This next image is Doge's Palace Courtyard. The Palace is the residence of the Doge of Venice. The first stop w