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Tim and Katy Are Married

I was lucky enough to be the wedding photographer for Tim and Katy's wedding thanks to Juan and Stephanie with AZ Celebrity DJ . You see Katy is Juan's cousin and when he heard she was in engaged he referred her to me. I want to say how amazing Katy is!! You see between the two of them Tim and Katy they have 6 children and Katy was getting most all the children ready on her wedding day. The display of patience with the children was amazing. It made sense as to why Tim was in love with this beautiful women. The wedding was held at Starfire Country Club in Scottsdale , I was in love with the lighting during the ceremony and during the pictures we took of Tim and Katy. During the formals of Tim and Katy we took a ride onto the golf course alone and had such a great time taking pictures. I would say "OK look at each other" in which they would and then you could see the love just beaming. Tim and Katy thank you so much, you are a super sweet couple..