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~* The Little Sutff That Makes Me Happy *~

For me it is the simple things that make me happy. The obvious is my husband and three boys. But there is one thing in my household that really makes me happy and thought I would blog about it, which led me to decide to blog about several things that make me happy. ~ I love the hot summer's in Arizona ~ I have a new found passion for Yoga. I have been practicing yoga for about 7 months now and can see the advantages and want to continue to get better. ~ The Black Eyed Peas make me happy!! ~ Chat's with my lil sister always make me happy. ~ My brand new book club that had two members, now has three. During Stephanie's visit we decided to start our own book club, which is long distance since she lives in Calif. Now my lil sis joined us, she is also in Calif. Our first book is "The Island: by Erin Hilderbrand. So far we can't put it down. If you want to join our book club leave me a comment.:-) ~ Mexico makes me HAPPY. Every time we go it is wonderful and we exp