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Mike and Tammy Just got Married

Mike and Tammy live in Massachusetts but wanted to get married here in Arizona. They rented out a beautiful house in Scottsdale for the big day. Since they are out of state I did not meet Tammy until the week of the wedding and Mike on the wedding day. I instantly liked them both. What a wonderful couple they are, along with wonderful families. Communicating with Tammy a couple weeks before the wedding she mentioned she was concerned about the heat in AZ, well they couldn't have had a more perfect August wedding. It was only 104! LOL, seriously they got lucky. That was all I could say all day. I really felt lucky to be there with Mike and Tammy and enjoyed working with them and their families, I felt like an old family friend. Mike and Tammy have an amazing life ahead of them, such bright, kind souls. I really like this shot of Tammy and her dad both getting ready. The first meeting between Mike and Tammy, they both look so excited! They were all smiles and tears duri