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~Baby Time~

Where do I start? I adore this couple, we will start there. I met Jason and Dena about a year ago when they were planning their wedding, in which I photographed. Since Jason and Dena's wedding Dena and I have become fast friends! The fact that I have a logo at this time is because of Dena. When I found out Jason and Dena were expecting I was ecstatic. They are expecting a baby boy who's name will be Aiden. This beautiful baby blanket that they are holding up Jason's mom made for Aiden. Dena mentioned that all of a sudden she is liking chocolate ice cream, lucky for us there was this adorable ice cream shop in the area. Papa Ed's Ice Cream is what it is called. So we stopped so Jason and Dena could have a little snack during the photo shoot. So baby Aiden is due Feb 17,2011, but Jason and Dena are praying for a Feb 14, 2011 date. Let's all send our positive thoughts their way so baby Aiden comes on Valentine's day. What a great time it was taking Jason and De