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The Men In My Life

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We did here at the Sandy household.  At the very last minute I took my boys out to take some pictures of them for the in-laws.  I thought I would share some with you.  These are the men in my life minus Brian (husband).  They make me smile every single day.  Each one of my boys are very bright and spectacular in their own right!  My favorite day of the week is Monday because everyone is always home. I will cook a good dinner and we will all sit together and talk and laugh for hours.  Then Brian will go out and get us Dairy Queen.  My life is filled with such happiness because of these face's!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year!  Thank you for letting me share my lil men.  I will be shooting a wedding on New Years Eve, can't wait to share!! 

~Joshua and Meaghan~

 A beautiful church wedding at Saint Andrews with Joshua and Meaghan.   Joshua and Meaghan were referred to me from a cousin in who's wedding I photographed a couple years ago.  I love being able to do referrals!!  One thing I can say about Joshua and Meaghan, they are "in Love"...  They way they would look at each, kiss each other, very passionate.  As I was editing their wedding photos, I was thinking to myself, wow, look at how they look at each other.  Another thought was how many pictures I had of them kissing!   Joshua and Meaghan's reception was held at Tre Bella.  Down the street from Tre Bella is the Mesa Art Center, so why not go take some pictures there as well.  Mesa Art Center never looks the same to me no matter how many times I've shot there! The famous Cinderella wall!  Thank you Joshua and Meaghan for allowing me to photograph your wedding.  So happy that I was able to be the one!!

~My 11-12-11 Wedding~

I had the honor of photographing Jeremy and Corinne's wedding on 11-12-11, the day after the big 11-11-11.  This wedding was perfection!!  First off they were married at Copperwynd in Fountain Hills, a very beautiful venue.  Then there is the weather, it could have rained, did not.  How about their wonderful family and friends?  Warm, kind and crazy fun, that is their family and friends.  Mix all this with one Gorgeous, classy, relaxed, fun couple you get a perfect wedding!!  When I say relaxed, Corinne was barefoot all day! I have to give a shout out to Misti my second shooter who captured these great pictures of the guys while they were getting ready.  That's right ladies, while you are putting on makeup, curling your hair, putting on your jewelry and getting dressed the men a smoking cigars!  Love the shots Misti got. I do not post a lot of reception pictures, but I had to share a couple of Jeremy and Corinne so you can get a feel of how much fun this couple had at their w