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Logan and Jessica's Beautiful Van Dickson Ranch Wedding

 Look at how beautiful the backdrop of this ranch is!  Van Dickson Ranch is located in Skull Valley.  My first time there to photograph a wedding.  When Jessica mentioned ranch wedding before I knew where it was located I knew I was in.  Mostly you get excited to photograph something a little different then what Phoenix has to offer.  Then you get really excited to know it will not be as hot as it is in Phoenix during the month of August.  Logan and Jessica's wedding was everything I thought it would be and more.  Not only is the setting perfect but so was Logan and Jessica, just an absolutely stunning couple. Logan and Jessica's love story is so very simple, they were set up by one of Jessica's friends.  She knew what she was doing because Logan and Jessica are perfect together.  Misti and I had so much fun working this wedding together, plus the hour and a half commute gave us time to catch up on everything else going on in our lives.  When one of the first things you