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Edward and Diandra

I met Diandra with her mom Connie just a couple weeks ago. While we were talking I was thinking to myself what beautiful bride Diandra is going to be. Then I met Edward when we took their engagement pictures last week and thought to myself what a beautiful couple they will be on their wedding day. Right when Edward and Diandra pulled up to where we were going to be taking engagement pictures the sprinkler went off. Lucky for us we had other options. We had a great time together. Their personality's really came out once they put on their favorite football teams jersey.:-) Cowboys! Oh! Can I just say that I am totally jealous of Diandra's hair! Some girls have all the luck. I am looking forward to their wedding in April 2011.


I think it is safe to say that Jeremy and Allison were not the only couple to say their "I do's" on October 10, 2010. But they were the only the couple to say their "I do's" at Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale and I bet if you ask them it seemed like they were the only couple getting married that day. Everything was perfect for Jeremy and Allison on their wedding day. Jeremy's mom had booked me quit awhile ago for her son's wedding knowing it was going to be a popular date. Jeremy and Allison are a very sweet couple, young and in love.

October Workshop

Our October workshop was so fun!! The pictures below are all our models from the day. We went picnic style for the workshop. Met downtown Glendale, sat on blankets, ate cookies and I taught the class. Then we walked around and shot away. Thank you Nancy for organizing the workshops for me and to all our models. Just fabulous!!