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Before and After

 This beautiful couple Michael and Natalie already had their baby a couple weeks ago.  When I took their maternity pictures it was during my really busy time so I didn't have a chance to blog them.  They are some of my favorite maternity pictures so I thought I would share them now along with the newborn pictures of baby Wyatt!!  Natalie is such a beautiful mommy to be, wouldn't you agree!  Michael has some fantastic ink art that just had to be used in a picture.  Just wait til you see him with baby Wyatt.  Now the pictures of Michael and Natalie's newest love baby Wyatt.  He was not in the best of moods on the day that I went to take his pictures.  Here he is just 5 days old.  We decided I should come back on another day, when Wyatt was a little happier.  Second attempt of taking newborn pictures of baby Wyatt, he was a little angel.  Yay... We captured some great pictures of Wyatt for Michael and Natalie.  This next picture of Wyatt is one of my favorites. 

It's the Little Things

 It is the little things that make us smile and warm are hearts such as this little baby girl Scarlett.  I had just done maternity pictures of Scarlett's mommy the first weekend of December.  Scarlett decided to come early!!  When I showed up to take her new born pictures Jessica (Scarlett's mommy) had all sorts of ideas for me.  Jessica had knitted a pink baby hat for Scarlett, I put my order in.. Thank you Jessica and Jeremy for allowing me to photograph your sweet new baby girl.  Taking pictures of new born's is always a favorite for me!

~New Year's Eve Love With Dan and Trisha~

 Meet Dan and Trisha my New Year's Eve couple. Yes, they were married on December 31, 2011.  When I met with Dan and Trisha I sensed that this would be a fun wedding, was it ever!!  You see this couple is so full of love and life, a great combination.  Dan enters a room with confidence and charisma.  Trisha enters the room with confidence's and beauty, together they are dangerous (in a good way).  Ancala Country club is where this little wedding of 200 guest took place.  Yes, they did party til midnight and some.  It was truly one of the best New Year's Eve wedding's ever!!  This first series of pictures is the first look.  Dan and Trisha did a lot of their pictures before the wedding since the ceremony was scheduled for sunset.  Now look at all these beautiful women!!  I usually do not post a lot of bridal party pictures, but with this fun group I had to share.  I need to mention how beautiful the weather was on this day.  I would say about 77 degrees, big diffe