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Lazy Oaks Resort Wedding With Ted and Camill

 What a beautiful location Lazy Oaks Resort in Pinetop makes for a wedding.  Thank you Ted and Camill for allowing me the honor of photographing your beautiful wedding. Usually my post read the day was perfect, everything went off without a hitch.  Well I am going to be real honest about Ted and Camill's wedding.  It did not go off without a hitch.  Actually there were a couple things not moving smoothly even before the wedding date but the main thing was that no flowers showed up, at all.  Still not sure of what actually happened with the florist, but it did happen.  This lovely on her game wedding coordinator named Teresa with Classic Events handled the situation like a PRO.  Almost like this wedding was part of a reality tv show and they arranged for no flowers to show just to see how Teresa would handle it.  So once Teresa knew for sure there were no flowers she ran to the local Safeway and grabbed all that she could in the name of baby breaths and anything lime green to mat