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I Interupt Wedding Season to Bring You Little Miss Morgan

 I've known Morgan for a few years now, she use to date my son,still a friend of the family.  She is Little Miss Morgan to me, although not so little anymore.  Growing up into a beautiful lady.  Little Miss is a senior at Sandra Day O'Connor this year and asked if I would take some senior pictures of her.  We have this idea of going to a farm for some country looking pictures, but in my travels on the freeways in town I spotted some cotton fields.  Yes, I know right next to Westgate an outdoor mall there are cotton fields.  So this is the first part of Little Miss Morgan's senior pics.  Stay tune for the farm pictures.  Little Miss was a trooper in walking through all the cotton to get out in the middle.  As I was following her the thought of critters entered my mind.  If I was a snake I would love to live in the cotton fields.  I love this last picture of Morgan's boots, I did a little photoshop on her legs to try to cover up all the scratches form the cotton