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Let's Talk About Mike and Euly

 Mike and Euly are the sweetest couple that have so much fun together.  They say you can really see a person's character under stress, well Euly is calm and beautiful inside and out.  You see when Euly showed up to her venue not everything was ready.  Instead of putting her dress on for pictures before the ceremony she was putting some last minute flowers together for the wedding and reception.  She was so calm but looked  stressed.  At this time I put down my camera to help her and the bridesmaids as much as I can.  There is the point where Euly has to stop and go get ready for the ceremony.  I took a couple pictures of her getting ready and then left her to go get pictures of the ceremony site and guess arriving.  The next time I saw Euly she was walking down the isle and she looked perfect, ecstatic and excited.  When her eye's connected with Mike's all the stressed was let go.  They were both beaming with large smiles throughout the ceremony.  Everything was PERFECT,