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Rowe is Already 6 Months

 Over the last 7 years my photography has branched out. Where most of what I photographed was weddings I'm now photographing everything after the wedding.  Maternity, newborn, children as they progress, family, senior portraits etc...  and I love it.  I feel so blessed to be able to capture every little milestone in a developing family.  My career is right where it should be, for that I am grateful and thank God.  This little man is Rowe and he is now 6 months and boy is he a happy boy.  Rowe is the son of the lovely Vanessa (the bride sitting on the blue chair on my headliner of my blog) and Jeremy.  When you photograph children it is so joyful, but then you get to experience the joy again while working the images in Photoshop.  Twice the fun!  Thank you Vanessa and Jeremy for allowing me to capture your beautiful son Rowe at his best.