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As Promised

As promised here is Mia in her tutu, very unhappy. Still looking very cute. Grandma went and got her Cheerios and she cheered up.. haha.. I think Mia is one of the most beautiful little girls ever, even with the tears. Mia was happy once mama put her jeans back on. Thank you Katie for letting me use Mia for my model. She is a trooper.

~Family Fun~

For Christmas this year the Berneburg children bought their mom a family portrait session. Our schedule's did not match up before Christmas, we finally were able to take them last week. Which I think worked out better, Nancy (mom) was able to tag a long. Let them eat cake! We brought along treats for the lil ones to enjoy, makes for fun photography. Once again I had a great time taking pictures and just hanging out with the Berneburg clan!! Look for pictures of Mia in the next day or so in her tutu. She HATED it...

~ Art and Marianne ~

I start to think about what I want to say about this couple, but what I want to say I feel I say over and over again! Art and Marianne are super sweet, cute and fun. It must just be the couples that I attract! Well I am not complaining. Art and Marianne wanted to take their engagement pictures at the LOVE sign in Scottsdale. One of my favorite places to go, the grounds are always beautiful. I had fun with this engagement session, tried different lighting and angles. Art and Marianne hale from Chicago, my home town. Not really since I moved to Calif when I was about 5, but I am still loyal. I look forward to photographing their wedding in the spring!!

01-01-11 New Day, New Year, New Begining

January 1, 2011, what a way to start the year, your wedding. Mike and Allison were married on this date at SunRidge Canyon . Which turned out to be one of the coldest days we have had this winter so far. I would say while taking the formal pictures of Mike and Allison the temp was about 30 something. Neither of them complained. When I met with Allison I instantly took a liking to her. It was comfortable. I was thrilled once I knew we would be working together. What a beauty she is and funny. While the girls were getting ready there were lots of laughs. Allison is super tight with her sister, I enjoyed watching the two interact. Now here is a sight you do not see to often, snow on the mountains on the outskirts of Fountain Hills. Breathtaking. The groom Mike, I'd say Allison did alright.:-) What a fabulous looking couple. It was a beautiful wedding, despite the very cold weather. It didn't stop Mike and Allison and all their guest from having a great time at the reception. Wi