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Love in Greer Arizona

 Finally a new blog post.  Things have been a little crazy with my boys school schedule and my work schedule.  It has taken a little longer then I thought to get settled in with the new school year.  Anyway, lets get on to the reason for this blog.  A beautiful wedding in Greer Arizona at the Red Setter Cabin !  How convenient to have a hair and makeup expert in the family.  Tony's sister Nicole did Rowena's hair and makeup for her.  Nicole owns Riposa Salon and Day Spa .  Greer is a special place for Tony and Rowena so why not get married there.  They had a small intimate wedding along a creek side.  There were concerns of rain, especially when it started up at 3:00 pm ceremony time.  Only lasted for about 10 minutes, everyone helped wipe down the chairs and let the wedding begin.  Look at the beautiful light over the ceremony, as if it was special ordered.  Rain started up again during the formals for just a bit, can you see it in the background? Not enough rain to